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Welcome To Our Valley Springs Grooming Website!!

Thanks for your interest in Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon and welcome to our newly designed website, Valley Springs Grooming.  We hope you’ll find our site informative and helpful…..feel free to call or Email Jacque anytime if you have any questions at all.


Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon Mission Statement

At Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon, we pride ourselves greatly in our focused attention in creating the best possible grooming experience for every client entrusted to our care.  Your pets are part of your family and when they come to Gone to the Dogs, they become ours as well and are treated as exactly that!  Our clients can rest assured their babies will be treated with the utmost of respect, patience, love and care as we believe should be the case with every groomer.  Sadly, it is not.  We believe the grooming industry as a whole needs some major changes, tighter regulations and more awareness on the part of pet owners in regards to how their beloved pets are being treated and handled when being groomed.

As groomers it is our responsibility to treat ALL animals with the respect and kindness they deserve, but when it comes to caring for someone’s family member and precious pet….we need to be on a whole other level in showing them these things.  They deserve NOTHING less and will get nothing less from us!  For Gone to the Dogs, this begins in the atmosphere we provide in our grooming salon.  Tranquil, quiet, clean and 1 on 1 attention is what every furry client can count on at Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon.  Above all else, the patience that each individual pet needs.

Whether their very first bath where the experience can effect the rest of their lives, or a long time scaredy cat that has just never gotten over the stress or fear of getting groomed, you can be sure they will get the time and patience needed that their individual personalities require.  We also work with numerous older pets that need special attention and extra quiet surroundings…..we LOVE working with them and if you have an older pet that needs special attention, we’d love to work with them as well.


A Groomer In Valley Springs You Can Count On – Jacque Adams

Valley Springs resident pets can now experience loving grooming like never before with Jacque Adams and Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon.  If giving your pets the ultimate in comfortable and caring grooming experiences is of the utmost importance to you, then you are in the right place.  Jacque offers over 20 years experience as a certified Pet Groomer, but more importantly than that is her love for animals and passion in what she does.

With her client’s ultimate comfort always being top of mind, Jaques’ attention and ability to create positive grooming experiences for pets is second to none.  As a long time Valley Springs resident and groomer, Jacque truly loves what she does and it shows with every pet she cares for.


Has Trust Been A Problem With Past Pet Groomers?

Have you ever dropped your pet off at the groomer and wondered if you just left your baby in good and trusting hands as you walked back to your car?  Have you ever picked them up from a groomer disappointed in seeing the obvious stress they were put through?  Wondered if they were treated well or were rushed across an assembly line like a product readying for shipment?  Been to PetSmart by any chance:-)

Welcome to the “other side” of grooming!  As residents of Valley Springs or the surrounding areas, these concerns are now a thing of the past for you.  You simply won’t find a groomer anywhere that will love your pets as you do…..or as Jacque will!  Each and every client is precious and you will SEE this and KNOW this with every visit!

We’re an ever growing family at Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon, we’re country minded and proud to be a family oriented business.  We look forward to you and your pet joining our “four legged filled” family and hope to see you soon.


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Valley Springs Grooming Video

Thanks again for visiting us at Valley Springs Grooming!


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