About Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon

At Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon, we realize with great clarity that pets are MUCH more than just pets.  They are cherished and precious family members that bring us all an endless amount of joy and love.  We believe in providing them the same love, attention and care they are accustomed to receiving in their own homes.  Grooming does not have to be a fearful experience for your pet and we make it our number one goal to see that all of our furry clients enjoy the best grooming experience possible.

We see every client as part of the Gone to the Dogs family and treat them as such!  We are a family oriented pet salon that have adapted to the “quiet life” that Valley Springs has to offer.  We love our clients and every precious second we get to spend with them.  We’re passionate about animals and in the work we do and we absolutely thrive in being a part of the ever growing family that is Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon!


About Our Valley Springs Groomer Jacque Adams

Bringing over 20 years experience to the pet grooming industry, Jacque still loves and follows her life’s passion in per grooming.  As a certified and licensed pet groomer in Valley Springs, Jacque provides exceptional grooming solutions to the area’s resident pets.  Long ago Jacque had a vision to bring something different and special to the pet grooming industry, to establish a grooming business that wasn’t just focused on making money; but rather a place where pets would not feel the stress and the noise typically found in grooming salons.

She has brought that vision to life in Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon.  With her undying focus and determination in providing the most comfortable grooming experience possible anywhere, she has become a rare gem amongst the Gold Country community.


A Word From Jacque Adams

I was 40 when I decided to go to Maser’s Grooming Academy.  At the time, I was still working a full time job at a pulp and paper factory in a sleepy little seaport town in Washington State and so I had to arrange my time to attend school on my days off.  It was a tough ride that made what should have been a 6 week course, a long and agonizing 9 month struggle.  I was however determined to follow my passion and sacrificed everything I could to get through that tough time and persevere.

I was raised with cats and dogs and have not lived a single day without the joy in my life that they bring, and I NEVER will!  When I was a child, my mother was obsessed with her Pomeranians……we always had 1-3 in the house during my childhood years.  A love that lives on through me with the 3 Pommies that own me today.  My parents, of course having been farm and ranch people all of their lives, taught us EARLY on to show animals the respect they truly deserve; that is OUR responsibility and duty as good kind people.

My heart, most especially, has always gone out to the elderly pet with whom you can see doesn’t feel well or has some type of disability.  I have always handled them with “kid gloves”, often arranging special “quiet time” for their grooming sessions.  I go the extra mile to not stress these poor creatures out during their sessions with me.  Sometimes for these special clients, we might leave a hair or 2 out of place as we use extra caution to listen to THEM TELL US when we are done:-)

I don’t believe in having a stressful grooming session with any pet and that is always more important at Gone to the Dogs than them being ready for the New Westminster Show.  Stress free, comfortable, quiet, clean and spoiled rotten…..that’s what Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon is and was always meant to be!


Gone to the Dogs Pet Salon

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